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January 22, 2013



Nikki, your family is beautiful! You photographer me for my maternity shots when I was pregnant with #3 and then again for Christmas later that year. We also went on to have another and I remember being terrified of ending up with 4 and 5 instead of just 4 ;). You are amazing!! I couldn't imagine having twins, let alone having twins, three other kids AND doing work aside from the stay at home mom thing. You definitely qualify for super mom. You are so right about the parenting advice. I know I'm not perfect and no expert and I do remember thinking I knew a lot when I only had one...but now that I've got four it's completely different. Anyone who tried to offer unsolicited advice (usually the ones with 1-2 kids) gets the stink eye from me, haha.

Also wanted to ask...is that a Hangar helmet on one of your babies?? My son had plagio and was in the helmet for five months when we lived in SA. My second son had brachy but we didn't helmet. If we hadn't been going through a big move we would have. He just turned one and his head is a little flat but oh well! Anyway, I just wanted to inquire because I do follow your blog and hasn't seen you mention anything. It's an issue that gets swept under the rug by SO many pedis so I like to try to raise awareness any way I can. And if your LO is in a helmet for different reasons, then my sincere apologies!! I've just never seen another reason so far.

Take care...your kids are gorgeous!


I think you could totally apply for super mom!! And I'm totally with you about keeping mouths shut! And lastly it's so good to hear that my 2.5 year old isnt the only one throwing tantrums in public, not completely potty trained, and eats like she was raised in a barn!! Thank you super mom for reminding this "novice" mom that she's on the right side of normal!

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